POST doesn’t have to be a Sisyphean task!

Hi/Bonjour fellow TOCPUG’ers!

Sept 20th is right around the corner…the BEGINNING of the FALL TOCPUG will start!
We have several presentations ready, but are ALWAYS open for new presenters!
If you recently made a video you’d like to show/get feedback, our group is the best
soundboard in the city.  A great place for filmmakers/videomakers/motion graphics/etc to meetup and talk shop.tocpug_sept2016
Topics ready:
4K Network editing: The Final Battle.
“Bricks gone wild” – Short film fun
Mocha or die!  (You WILL learn Mocha!)
…and of course the usual swath of surprises/upsets and shenanigans
you’d expect from your typical TOCPUG meeting!
All are welcome, forever free.
550 St. Clair West. 2nd Floor.
Toronto.  7-9pm
Follow us on Twitter (daily updates):  @tocpug