OCT 18th: Locking a gig in this wacky biz.

TOCPUG: Oct 18th
550 St. Clair West. 2nd Floor.
Toronto.  7-9pm
All are welcome, forever free.

One of the main purposes of TOCPUG is to help fellow attendees: learn something new, share something new and most important: Get a gig.

This upcoming meeting will be split into two topics:

  1. Those new to the biz (film school grads).
  2. Those who’ve been in one field, but wish to ‘pivot’ to another field (editors shifting to directing)

Other topics/mini-seminars and of course: Gadget giveaways will be part of the bag on this upcoming TOCPUG! October 18thTOCPUG_OCT-18TH_AD.jpg

If you think you have something to say/contribute to the Q&A, give an anecdote over how you secured a gig: Please feel free to join us!

e-mail: info@tocpug.ca

twitter: twitter.com/tocpug

facebook: www.facebook.com/groups/TOCPUG.CA/