TOCPUG.CA Welcomes You!


Every third Tuesday: The best in the biz get together to talk/present all things creative/technical.  If you made a film/short/project and would like to present/Q&A (BRING YOUR MOVIE ON A USB STICK!!!!) on it:  THIS GROUP IS FOR YOU! 

More than anything else: We are very passionate about our craft/love movies and want to help anyone in this industry by networking/sharing as many new/innovative ideas/tips/tricks.

All are welcome, Forever FREE.


Next meeting Nov 15th

Hi/Bonjour fellow TOCPUG’ers

We are prepping for the final meeting of the year! (Can’t believe it’s already November).
We are thinking of presenting/talking on two topics:  Feel free to let us know if you’d like to present on such a topic/or let someone you know who’d be great to seminar on this matter:
– Location Audio/Career in field sound recording.
As George Lucas once said: “Sound is half the picture”,  we will be spending some time focused on getting “Champagne sound on a beer budget”,  if you are a professional sound recordist, you are welcome to seminar/show off your gear and show us how to properly hold a boom pole! (Some sound recordists ‘rest’ the pole on their neck, that way they can operate it without tiring their arms!).
– Final Cut Pro 10.3
A seminar/tutorial on this app will naturally be great to show the group it’s newest features, tips/tricks.
Also, if you shot a short film and would like some feedback, this group is a welcoming/constructive venue.
Naturally, the ‘mystery grab bag’ will be attending on the 15th, as well as other wildly crazy/surreal moments which demands for you to be there!
We hold meetings each month at St. Clair West/Bathurst:  We are hardware/software agnostic showcasing/networking with the best people in the biz: open to all/forever free.