About our group

The goal of TOCPUG is to showcase the best in the biz here in the 416.  We’re hardware/software agnostic, which means:

  • We are open to all apps/disciplines. If you’re a filmmaker, a wedding videographer, graphic designer, a writer,  an app programmer, a poet or someone just wanting to learn a new ‘trick of the trade: This group is for you.
  • We strive for a balance of creative/technical. At our core, TOCPUG is all about creativity. WE LOVE CINEMA!
  • We’re always open for those wanting to showcase/seminar their project. You’ll always find a welcoming/engaged group who will watch/Q&A your work. A great place for technical/creative discussions.
  • Open to all/Forever free.  We will never ask for ‘user fees’ or be ‘sponsored’.  Our meetings are ‘in-camera’ which means you are free to be as honest/blunt about a topic/company/etc. This is probably why our meetings are so damned good!
  • TOCPUG is held every month at 550 St. Clair West, Toronto. (Close to St. Clair West Subway) All are welcome/forever free.

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E-mail: info@tocpug.ca

Twitter: https://twitter.com/tocpug

Facebook: www.facebook.com/groups/TOCPUG.CA/


Started in Feb 2014: TOCPUG is a reboot from the now defunct TOFCPUG.COM (Toronto Final Cut Pro Users Group) . TOCPUG (Toronto Creative Pro Users Group) has no other connection with the old group except that it’s run by ex-members of TOFCPUG.

For the ridiculously nostalgic, here’s a vimeo page of (ancient) meetings:  https://vimeo.com/tofcpug


Next meeting: TBA