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Next TOCPUG meeting: Sept 19th

You're an animal! 

No, worse. Human! -  Runaway Train (1987)

Can you believe it?  Summer is simply flying through.  What’s also flying are all the amazing projects fellow TOCPUG’ers are cranking out!

A few things about TOCPUG:

  • WE LOVE MOVIES. Yes, many of us have learned the language of “Movie-Speak”
  • We’re not just a ‘tech group’ blabbing about shit you’ve read on tech-blogs.  We’ll cover tech, but we’ll also tear it apart.
  • The prevailing belief:  Art/Technology 50/50.

If you are new to Toronto: A Poet, A film school grad, a wedding/corporate videomaker, an indie horror filmmaker, an actor, veteran of film/tv and would like to meet the BEST in the biz?:  TOCPUG is for you.

We are open to all and FOREVER FREE.

“Forever Free” means many things:

  • Free of ‘membership fees’:  We will never ask for $$ or “Sign up”.  Those who fund this group do so strictly out of a fervent belief in the mission.
  • Free of self-censorship: We don’t stream/record our meetings, which gives the best platform in simply coming out and ‘telling it like it is’.  Our members love the freedom to vent/praise/experience the wild debate/discussions and politic-free presentations!
  • Open to All: History has repeatedly proven, insular group-think is a disaster: that sort of thinking is a dead-end.  It’s an investment in failure.
  • Open to All: Yes, even though FCPX has been a disaster on wheels, we offer comprehensive “FCPX rehab” clinics to those willing to make the ‘first step’.
  • TOCPUG_APRIL_2015.jpg

For the past three years,  we’ve run the group with one basic principle:  Just the facts.

This group focuses/discusses many of the topics/things tech-blogs/tech-sites either doesn’t cover, or (you can guess why) WON’T.

Three years on:  TOCPUG’s best days are ahead!

See you all there Sept 19th,2017!




OCT 18th: Locking a gig in this wacky biz.

TOCPUG: Oct 18th
550 St. Clair West. 2nd Floor.
Toronto.  7-9pm
All are welcome, forever free.

One of the main purposes of TOCPUG is to help fellow attendees: learn something new, share something new and most important: Get a gig.

This upcoming meeting will be split into two topics:

  1. Those new to the biz (film school grads).
  2. Those who’ve been in one field, but wish to ‘pivot’ to another field (editors shifting to directing)

Other topics/mini-seminars and of course: Gadget giveaways will be part of the bag on this upcoming TOCPUG! October 18thTOCPUG_OCT-18TH_AD.jpg

If you think you have something to say/contribute to the Q&A, give an anecdote over how you secured a gig: Please feel free to join us!






Site update: WordPress is ASS.

This site is under construction.  Wordpress (I only switched over to this crap-sandwich
for linkable posts/connectivity) is slow/difficult to use,  for the latest fun musings:

Follow us on twitter: and facebook:

Next meeting: September 20th, if you’d like to present, drop us a line!

Sunday, June 26th meeting: Learn to fly drones! (Pickering)




The next TOCPUG meeting will be held Sept 20th.

Drones are quickly become an essential tool for increasing production
value: has been nice enough to offer a free seminar/introduction
to these devices. A great way to learn Drones!

Sunday, June 26th meeting: Learn to fly drones! (Free seminar/introduction) Will be held in Pickering, ON.

Join us at X4 Drones for a casual interactive session to discuss how drone technology is being used for photo & video.
Topics will vary and be organic depending on how the group conversation goes.
Bring a snack to share and be prepared for a session of educational fun.

Date: Sunday, June 26th
Location:  1635 Bayly Street, Pickering
Time: 11:00am to 3:00pm the website is

Phone: 1-844-X4-DRONES

Transportation: Log onto to organize transportation to this event!
Carpooling from Toronto/Pickering/etc.

I hope to see as many members there as possible.