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Highlights of past meetings from Sept 2015 to May 2016



Hi/Bonjour fellow TOCPUG’ers



January is here: For the next six months TOCPUG will showcase the very in the biz here in the 416.

January 17th’s meeting:

  • DJI’s MAVIC PRO Drone.  Footage/review and see this device in person!
  • “In Utero” a fantastic short, with director in attendance Q&A
  • (Opening: Come present)

If you made something (short) and would like to present it/discuss an interesting topic: Let us know!




Meeting: 550 St. Clair West, 2nd Floor ~ Toronto, ON

Close to St. Clair West Subway- “Free” parking.

Time: 7-9pm (but show up earlier, we usually have great discussions/giveaways)

TOCPUG: Toronto Creative Pro Users Group, holds monthly meetings (every third Tuesday).  If you are an indie filmmaker, a wedding videographer, or someone just wanting to see the coolest new gizmos/gadgets: THIS GROUP IS IT.  
We are open to all fields of the biz (from screenplay to post).
Great place to network, share ideas and showcase the best in the biz.

Open to all/Forever Free



Next meeting Nov 15th

Hi/Bonjour fellow TOCPUG’ers

We are prepping for the final meeting of the year! (Can’t believe it’s already November).
We are thinking of presenting/talking on two topics:  Feel free to let us know if you’d like to present on such a topic/or let someone you know who’d be great to seminar on this matter:
– Location Audio/Career in field sound recording.
As George Lucas once said: “Sound is half the picture”,  we will be spending some time focused on getting “Champagne sound on a beer budget”,  if you are a professional sound recordist, you are welcome to seminar/show off your gear and show us how to properly hold a boom pole! (Some sound recordists ‘rest’ the pole on their neck, that way they can operate it without tiring their arms!).
– Final Cut Pro 10.3
A seminar/tutorial on this app will naturally be great to show the group it’s newest features, tips/tricks.
Also, if you shot a short film and would like some feedback, this group is a welcoming/constructive venue.
Naturally, the ‘mystery grab bag’ will be attending on the 15th, as well as other wildly crazy/surreal moments which demands for you to be there!
We hold meetings each month at St. Clair West/Bathurst:  We are hardware/software agnostic showcasing/networking with the best people in the biz: open to all/forever free.

POST doesn’t have to be a Sisyphean task!

Hi/Bonjour fellow TOCPUG’ers!

Sept 20th is right around the corner…the BEGINNING of the FALL TOCPUG will start!
We have several presentations ready, but are ALWAYS open for new presenters!
If you recently made a video you’d like to show/get feedback, our group is the best
soundboard in the city.  A great place for filmmakers/videomakers/motion graphics/etc to meetup and talk shop.tocpug_sept2016
Topics ready:
4K Network editing: The Final Battle.
“Bricks gone wild” – Short film fun
Mocha or die!  (You WILL learn Mocha!)
…and of course the usual swath of surprises/upsets and shenanigans
you’d expect from your typical TOCPUG meeting!
All are welcome, forever free.
550 St. Clair West. 2nd Floor.
Toronto.  7-9pm
Follow us on Twitter (daily updates):  @tocpug


Sept 20th!

Welcome to the official site for the Toronto Creative Pro Users Group (TOCPUG.CA)

Presentation spots are open for the 20th meeting, if you shot something you’d like to present/Q&A or an app you’d like to seminar on, let us know!

TOCPUG is a great way to meet fellow editors, cinematographers, directors, etc in the biz.


The goal of TOCPUG is to showcase the best in the biz here in the 416. We’re hardware/software agnostic, which means:

We are open to all apps/disciplines.
If you’re a filmmaker, a wedding videographer, graphic designer, a writer,  an app programmer, or someone just wanting to learn a new ‘trick of the trade’: This group is for you.

Forever free, open to all.  

We meet every third Tuesday of the month.