Past TOCPUG Meetings_Sept2015 to May2016

That’s a wrap!  Another amazing year of TOCPUG.CA for the books!  Next meeting September 20th.

June 26th’s meeting will be held in Pickering: Drone tutorial/Learn to fly a drone.  More info to come, stay tuned.

Hi/Bonjour fellow TOCPUG’ers

May 31st is now set/ready with presenters and sessions:
Tuesday’s meeting will contain two separate un-advertised seminars. 
No Cameras/Recorders allowed.
7pm – Q&A: Have a technical challenge driving you up the wall?  Need
a solution?  The brightest minds in the biz are here to help.
7:10pm – 7:30pm  In Camera Session 1st Session: (Off the record). 
7:30 – 8pm – Presenter: Phyllis: ScreenDance: Focusing on Capturing the energy of dance

and the intimacy of film. This is an abridged version of a recent talk Phyllis gave in Japan.

8pm – Break
8:10pm-8:30pm – In Camera – 2nd Session (Off the record)
8:30pm-9pm – Presenter: Charlene Zacks (Actor/Producer): Charlene

will be discussing/presenting a short film she made as a calling cardfor auditioning in the biz.  For those interested in directing commercials/etc: workingwith actors is a crucial step towards success.

Time: 7-9pm
Place: 550 St. Clair West, 2nd Floor
Date: May 31st
“Free” parking abound this area, close to St. Clair West subway.
TOCPUG is “Forever free/Open to all”.  If you work in film/television

or are interested in pursing a career in this field, this is your group.

Next meeting: TBA